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03 December 2009 @ 07:30 am
銀杏BOYZ べろちゅー translation  
my nasty love あなたはもはヤケダモノ

ほっぺたも おっぱいも 小さい寝息も

愛は肌色 あなたの色

この星は毒されて   人のからだは腐りはじめ

愛だけがある あなたのまま

キスをしよう キスをしよう キスをしよう
キスをしよう キスをしよう
ふいていいよ 潮


my nasty love you are my haykaedamono(?)
but nevertheless you're my treasure

your cheeks, your breasts, your small breathe while you sleep
everything about you is my treasure

the streets are grey[1]
passion is light blue
love is flesh colored, the color of you

this star is poisoned, the bodies of mankind are starting to decay
nevertheless you are my only treasure

the neighborhood is disappearing
passion is melting
only love is here, just as you are

there were times when i thought
it would be better if i hadn't been born but
i'm glad that i lived on
i'm downhearted about the past i can't forget
i'm addicted to the lonliness i can't win against
but i'm glad i can believe in you

let's kiss let's kiss let's kiss
french kiss
let's kiss let's kiss
it's okay if you blow salty~
french kiss

1. literally the color of a mouse. i thought this was cute haha


my nasty love anata wa mo hayakedamono
soredemo anata wa boku no takaramono

hoppeta mo, oppai mo, chiisai neiki mo
anata no subete wa boku no takaramono

machi ha nezumi iro
koi wa mizu iro
ai wa hadairo, anata no iro

kono hoshi wa doku sarete, hito no karada wa kusari hajime
soredemo anata wa boku dake no takaramono

machi ga kieteiku
koi wa toketeiku
ai dake ga aru anata no mama

umarete konakereba yokatta to
omotta toki mo atta kedo
demo ikitete yokatta yo
wasurerarenai kako ni shonbori
katekkonai kodoku ni doppuri
demo shinjite yokatta yo
kisu wo shiyou kisu wo shiyou kisu who shiyou
kisu wo shiyou kisu wo shiyou
fuiteiiyo shio

if you use this credit me plz

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Charlotte Tompkinsdeathtotrailmix on December 14th, 2009 05:25 am (UTC)
that's really awesome Jen